Mobile Forensics

Computers are everywhere today, and not just in the traditional form we think of such as desktops or laptops. Included in the vast thicket of computerized machines and apparatus are some of the smallest devices - cellphones and PDAs. Increasingly, users of computerized devices such as BlackBerrys and smart phones are storing important data that may be easily accessible and deliverable at the simple push of a button.

The move to storing important documents is shifting more and more to BlackBerrys and PDA's. Entire customer lists and sales information for a multi-national company can be stored in devices that fit in the palm of your hand. It is important that these devices are not disregarded when seeking documents for litigation purposes. For instance, individuals who may suspect that they are the target of an investigation may upload information stored on their desktop or laptop to their BlackBerry or PDA in an attempt to disguise or hide information from investigators.

Sherlock Forensics can analyze computerized mobile devices and professionally report the relevant information for your case. Our experts are able to identify items such as address books and calendars, determine timelines or activities that took place on a particular date, and review sent and received SMS messages.

And beyond the legal realm of computer forensics, our experts can assist you with the retrieval of lost messages or emails on your mobile device, including items such as notes, journal entries, pictures, videos and sound recordings.

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